Sunday, 14 March 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (13th March 2010)

"A quiet day: starting at Pontsmill (again) I was lucky enough to see the Dipper, just. I had turned away from the stream when I heard the distinctive alarm call. Looking quickly back I saw it flying strongly upstream, having flown from, or under the bridge where I stood ! This was shortly followed by 2 Nuthatches, one on the nut feeders nearby and one calling from the trees. Finally most elusive were the few Redwings (c.10) moving through the ivy-berry clad trees. There were more Blackbirds than Redwings !
Moving to Par a football match meant no Redwings on the 'usual' field. But at PBPool there was a surprise with a pair of Pochard (male & fem.) swimming and diving. Only my 2nd & 3rd this winter ! Tide was wrong for waders in the Bay, but a group of at least 5 x GCGrebes were still visible. Maybe a bit chill for things to be leaving early, or 'new' waders to be turning up, but anyday now !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
I was out of bounds again in Dorset..I will put an account up tomorrow.
(Late getting home.)

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