Friday, 12 March 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (11-12th March 2010)

"Birds so sparce it's only worth doing a 'two for the price of one report', that is Thurs.11th and Fri.12th March. At Pontsmill were 2 x Marsh Tits prospecting for nest sites, but where the dipper often can be seen was a large, incongruous looking, white Muscovey Duck V. out of place on the fast flowing rocky stream ! At the Luxulyan Viaduct was a pair of Grey Wags apparently on territory, and signs that dippers had been around !
Back toward Par there was a flock of 30+ Redwings on the Par Station football field, one of the last sizeable flocks probably out of the Treesmill roost. To the east of PBPool was a Chiff-Chaff avidly feeding in the fir trees, rather out of character and taken to be one of the few migrants to have reached us. (Then again it could be an overwintering one feeding up to fly North !). On the Pool was the Canada/Greylag goose hybrid not seen since 2009 !
Best of all for me were a Reed Bunting in the eastern reed-bed and a Water Rail by the sluice gates, clearly seen, thus two year ticks, better late than never! In the Bay on 12th there was still a strong flock of 8+, GCGrebes, only 2 less than the winter maximum."

Thanks for the report Roger.
Seems as I have missed the good stuff once again. Did not manage any sites today and it will be highly unlikely tomorrow as we are at a Birthday Party.

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