Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (9th February 2010)

"Went out for my afternoon hour again despite the chill wind, but not a lot doing at the few sites I visited. Went to Menabilly B. car-park the (drier) mud. Was surprised at the number of finches, when I saw a large female Sparrowhawk was working the hedgerows! That was pleasant for me (if not the finches!), since it is a year tick ! Settled down to access what was about i.e. when the LBJs perch in the sparce trees, and came up with the following: 20+, Goldfinch; 30+ Linnets; 100+, Chaffinches; 70+, Redwings & 1 x Sp.Hawk !
BUT, the gems amongst the masses were 2+ ad.male BRAMBLINGS. Scarce this winter, and obviously a year tick for me ! (Probably several more among the Chaffinch flock).
V.little at Tregaminion and Kilmarth (except a couple of Black Pheasants). Almost nothing at Par, save the wintering 8 x Tufted Ducks. Not surprising after Trevor's black dog episode, the owner can be prosecuted if Swans were present I believe. Anyway it's a local Nature Reserve, most irresponsible. Finally today from the western car-park not a lot but 6+ Gannets diving (in lee of Gribben, due to East wind), and all 9 x GCGrebes (as Trevor saw this morning). Can't complain with 2 year ticks, including the Bramblings !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
The Bramblings are of particular interest to me as they represent a Life Tick.
Must look a lot closer at the Chaffinches.

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