Friday, 12 February 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (12th February 2010)

"Not a lot to report, only thawed out by lunch-time! A bit less cold since I'm glad to say. Indifferent day regarding birds.
Starting at Menabilly B. car-park I could only find 20+, Redwings; 70+, Linnets; 100+ Chaffinches; 1 x male BRAMBLING and a G.S.Woodpecker.At Kilmarth were 30+ Fieldfares. Back down to sea-level, at St.Andrews Pond were 1 x Tufted Duck and 2 x Shovelers(pr). At Par Station (football field) were c.50 Redwings, and the regular Mistle Thrush opp. the Ship Inn ! At P.B.P. were 5+, Tufted D. and 1 x Little Grebe. Finally in the Bay were 8 x G.C.Grebes. Hope you, or Mark, did better !"

Thanks for the report Roger.

I should imagine Mark was stuck at work today and did not go out.

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