Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (19th January 2010)

"Welcome Home ! And congratulations on all those ticks, you wouldn't have done that well around here ! I was out every day, allbeit briefly, and had ONE, Year Tick, a Pock Pipit (or R'ipit in your language) !
Today was cold and v. blustery, didn't see a thing other than 1 x Tufted D on St.Andrews and NINETEEN x Tufted Ds on Par Beach Pool. (20 Tufted Ds for 'Par', must be a record for recent years.) Met several other (disappointed) birders. One had recently seen a Water Pipit, in drab winter plumage, but it's a difficult one."

Thanks for the report Roger.
I agree it was one of those non birding days or should I say.. not appearing day.

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