Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Cold and Very Quiet

The wind was biting cold and most of the smaller birds stayed in cover or had vanished since I last visited.
The PBP held only the usual residents.
At the top car park I scoped the shoreline and only saw a few Oystercatchers for my trouble.
Decided to have a look at Menabilly rather than walk in the wilderness. The Ship Inn Mistle Thrush was sighted just opposite the public house and was still there when I returned from Menabilly.
The road leading to M Barton was devoid of the usual Redwings and Thrushes and all I saw was a Kestrel , Jay and a flock of small birds.
Not a good day.


  1. Where abouts does the Mistle Thrush hang out?
    Help out someone who must be blind because I haven't spotted it and I live only a couple of doors away.

    (Off to collect my most useless bird spotter of the year award...)

  2. Hi Michelle.

    You are soooo funny.
    Look across the main road from the Ship Inn and there it is...generally walking about on the grass verge. You are going to tick this one tomorrow.

  3. I'll try, but if not you'll have to give it a little placard to hold up for me, with an arrow painted on it.

  4. I had thought that this is an adolescent Blackbird, and now I think it may be your Mistle Thrush - it spends an inordinate amount of time in my garden.
    Now you've laughed and laughed, please put me out of my misery...

  5. Looks like a female Blackbird Michelle.
    Mistle Thrush here - first bird:

  6. Roger saw it again today Michelle but it was not about at 1100hrs when I visited.
    I think Angie is right...female Blackbird.

  7. As soon as I posted I googled and figured as much - but it's good to keep you entertained with my ineptness.

    I've been looking, I haven't seen the wretched thing. I can't stand or concentrate for long so I guess it's a bit much to expect it to be obligingly there during the 5 minute intervals I'm looking for it!


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