Sunday, 10 January 2010

Report from Roger Lane. (10th January 2010)

"Flocks of Redwings (few) and Fieldfares (many) still flying NW over Holmbush for the 4th day in succesion, but many of both species were in the gardens of Bucklers village, most unusual. A few Lapwings were still flying W. Despite fresh snow on ice, I managed to get out to Par once more, but was it worth it ?
All I could find at St. Andrews Pond were 2+, Teal; 8 x Tufted D and 1 x Lapwing. Despite being almost ice-free. It wasn't much better at PBPool, which was 75% iced over, although there were surprising numbers of Canada G. I could not find Trevor's Bar-Headed Goose (nor the Pink-footed G.). 8+ Tufted D. appeared to be the only duck other than Mallard, and there were 2 x Comm.Gulls on the ice. Strangest I suppose was a single Dunlin probing in the slushy ice at centre of the Pool !
Par Bay was little better with 1+, GCGrebe and 8 x Wigeon. While on the Beach were 3 x Dunlin and 1 x G.R.Plover. Perhaps Mark or someone did a little better (forgot to check on the Goldeneye)."

Thanks for the report Roger.

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