Sunday, 10 January 2010

A Good Haul

Managed to drag Angie out today. We visited PBP at 1130 hrs and was confronted with a well iced up pool.
The first thing we noticed was the return of the Bar-headed Goose and we both got photographs. We did see a dead Robin by the tree at the beginning of the pool and his/her mate looking down upon the scene...very sad and distressing... I grabbed a handful of seed from the car and placed it in full view of the survivor hoping he/she will escape the same fate.Very little else was showing and we made our way up to western car park.
There was small amount of activity at the shoreline and we saw a lone Bar-tailed Godwit (hope I got it right) and single Turnstone. Across the Par River harbour side was a lone Redshank and a Stonechat landed our side of the river before flying off into the tree area opposite.
The Goldeneye was well downstream today a little way seaward of the slipway.
A lone Dunlin flew overhead and landed on one of the exposed rocks out at sea.
Next we decided to have a look down the Menabilly Road for the Redwing, Fieldfare and Lapwing. All three were seen plus a Kestrel, and Buzzard. Angie also saw a Sparrowhawk while I was watching a large flock of Chaffinches/Finches in the field at the top of the Menabilly Barton car park.
Numorous Thrushes were in the trees and hedgerow as we made our way back home.
Later on in the afternoon 1600 hrs we had a quick and rewarding look at Porthpean.
A good view of Lapwings opposite the boat house was our first treat. Angie scoped the bay and we had GNDiver and BTDiver plus a Cormorant I caught low over the water.
A trio of Oystercatchers were also in the rocky area of the bay.
A roundup.

Life Tick.......Black-Throated Diver.
Baywatch Ticks...... Fieldfare,Redshank,Lapwing and Black-Throated Diver.
Baywatch Year Ticks.......Fieldfare,Kestrel,Stonechat,Redshank,Bar-tailed Godwit,Lapwing,Dunlin Cormorant and Black-throated Diver.


  1. Excellent haul Trevor ..Well Done

  2. Thanks Mark. It was a big leap on some lists with two lifers thrown in for good measures.
    Yep....a good day.


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