Monday, 9 November 2009

Roger Lane Reports

"Have been after butterflies much of week anyway, saw 20+ Rd. Admirals today,and know where 30+ are wintering.
Regarding the Divers (and 1 Grebe) at Porthpean, thanks to Mark, he got it right, but 1 x RED.T.Diver was also present on 4thNov. Regarding seeing the divers etc, that's tricky (90% of time under water!). Took me half-hour to find 1st Diver, and 2hrs total was up to SIX. You need time, and patience, even then there is the problem of I.D. ! I think you can only hope for say 2 x GNDivers, one in particular seems to have a feeding territory relatively close in shore (1.e. quarter - mile out ! Cormorants and shags at distance are the biggest time waster ! Not much hope of photos, but patience with 'scope should work ! Westerly wind is OK/good (sheltered by Ropehaven cliffs).
They MAY have come in during southerlies (and storms) in first days of Nov., but I suspect they're here for the winter, will let you know, if I can get down the slipway (to use my ,scope from the car). There is now a good chance off the Charlestown wall, I saw two there but included as "seen from Porthpean"
NOTE: 4 x Tufted D. on Par Pool 6th Nov., 2 x Tufted D. today 8thNov'09."

Thanks for the report Roger. I shall try sometime today to see the Divers and may also get down to PBP for a brief spell.

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