Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Roger Lane Reports

" Should be a diver or two in the Bay by now but don't get out much since you can't see them unless sea-state is calmer.
Had managed to see a couple of butterflies, incl. 1st Nov., but only 2 species are left, as you saw (!), Sp.Woods and Red Admirals ! The Sp.Woods will die-out within Nov. but the Red Admirals 'trapped' in GB now, will mostly survive the winter. I'll mention any Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb butterflies, if I see them ! Although certain places ALWAYS hold Rd.Adms every day of the year (on SUNNY days!). Have seen them virtually every day of the year from 1stJan onward, especially over recent years. They breed in Oct/Nov and, lay eggs, then larva survive most winters, emerging as adults as early as 14thJan'06/07, in those exceptionally mild winters we had. Only 10yrs ago many people did not believe that they overwintered as adults, let alone bred !"

Thanks for the report Roger.
I noticed how rough the sea was today and spotting anything on the water would have been virtually impossible.

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