Thursday, 1 October 2009

Evening Primrose.

The Evening Primrose is plentiful around the Dune area and blooming well.


  1. oh, beautiful little primrose - always loved them - neat image!

  2. hello again - i just found a comment you'd left at one of my places a few days ago where you mention a lady floating in a pond - and i left a response for you over there begging for this intriguing story to be told me in its entirety!!! so please take pity soon - and tell me about this mysterious lady in the lake!

  3. I saw some of these the other day whilst wandering a nature reserve. They really are stunning, and you've captured their beauty really well.

  4. Thank you GypsyWoman.

    Primrose is such a beautiful pastel colour.

  5. Hi again Jenean.

    I cannot do justice to what Laurie Lee wrote in his excellent book Cider With Rosie. It is well worth aquiring a copy of this small book about life in a Cotswold Village prior to the motor car.

  6. Thank you Keith.

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I really do agree with you about the flowers.


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