Friday, 2 October 2009

Dog Walk.

Today we did have a brief visit to Par but we took Hesper (our dog) who has never been before. She is not good with other dogs and is never let off the lead. She did behave herself so we were quite pleased with her. But having her with us restricted our activities and the shoreline was left alone as she would have played up on the beach.

Photograph was restricted to a Robin who I am always happy to see.
The only other birds of note seen were a Grey Wagtail , Jay and a Coal Tit (patch tick) in the wooded area.

Well done Mark with the Dipper.


  1. Sorry T, but she has been to Par before, but not "bird watching" (which she does enough of at home to be honest)and in Hessy's defence, she only got a bit excited with the first dog she saw (oh and that poor Rabbit!), and she was very, very, very patient, but you did not notice her sitting quietly every now and then when you were looking for birds and she was obviously thinking to herself "why do we have to keep stopping - I thought we were going for a WALK!

  2. Dogs are funny creatures Lol And hopefully the Dipper should hang around so you can get a look.

  3. She was on her best behavior sweetheart...I will give her that. Maybe we are a little too cautious with her

  4. Hi Mark.

    Hesper is a rum un all right !
    We tried for the Dipper and others and err...dipped.


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