Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Scoters at Par

Time was going to be a premium today but I found a small window at 09.00 hours and scarpered off to Par.

No Kingfisher sighted by the hut or on any part of the site.
The first thing to strike me about the PBP was that there was not a single Canada Goose in attendance...most strange. It was going to be a lot easier to scan the pool and try as I could ..the Tufted Duck escaped me. Moorhens a plenty with Coots and a lone Heron on the far bank of the pool was all I saw with the usual Mallards and Gulls.

I decided to have a look for the Jay in the wilderness but as I can only use my sight I saw nothing. Angie locates most birds by sound .unfortunately I cannot.
Walking along the west end river (anybody know the name of it) I again saw the Grey Wagtail but as quick as the yellow flashed by it disappeared into the bank side trees and was not spotted again.
As I tried to re-locate it I disturbed a Little Egret that flew off and perched in a tree further upstream. I took a poor record shot but the distance was too far for my lens to get a good shot.

The Low Tide was at 09.00 hours so most of the rocks were still exposed. I noticed at least fifty Carrion Crows on the shoreline and rocks and two Rock Pipits that kept hopping along the rocks in front of me always at a distance they felt comfortable with. Also feeding around the rock area was twenty plus Turnstones split into two roughly equal groups. The odd Oystercatcher or two mingled with the distance Gulls and perched upon the furthest rocks was two Herons and half a dozen Cormorants. That is the first time I have seen the Herons perched out on the rocks at Par.
The Scoters I saw were way out in the distance when I got back and scoped the sea. Just two black specs alongside each other ..what type they were...I have not got a would need better eyesight and identifying skills than I have got.

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  1. The Canada Geese flew over my garden at 10.25pm last night!!!


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