Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Report from Roger Lane.

"Took my first venture out to Par this afternoon. As you say in your blog, very little about, except Canada Geese! However, there was 1 x Tufted Duck (male) preening and sleeping on PBP. There were also 4 x Jays at Par West (wilderness area) searching for acorns where there are no oaks ! There was also a single Stonechat at Par East Cliff (male), not sure if your's was there or not. Usually a pair at Par West dunes and a pair at Par East cliff.
Best of all was a 'pair' of Common(?) Scoter out in Par Bay (possibly the two from Porthpean last week, since they seldom go around in numbers as small as two!). I put the question mark since there is an outside chance they were Velvet Scoters, so far out I couldn't see detail. But it's SO unlikely I think we can assume Common ! Unless Mark picked them up and knows better !"

Thanks for the report Roger.

The Stonechat was showing very well around the West dunes yesterday afternoon.

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  1. Not been out yet and had a proper gander so far as been busy at work .. Will try and get out sometime Thurs/Friday. Would be a new tick for me.


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