Thursday, 3 September 2009


Knot................Calidris canutus
The photograph of the Knot that Roger Lane first saw on the 29th August was kindly sent in by Geoff Barter
Geoff a local man but now living in Surrey for the last fourteen years was back here visiting relatives and took the opportunity to visit the patch he first visited in 1969 aged eleven and continued to do so up to his move to Surrey. The mentor to Geoff (at the time) was Cecil Stevens who provided the knowledge.
He also stated...he looked forward to following the blog and keeping updated with
"that I hold dear" .
Thanks for the email and photograph Geoff...hope you enjoyed your return and break regardless of the awful weather.


  1. a bit of confusion over time scales Ive been birding the beach for the last 40 years (started about 1969 aged 11 under the tutelage of Cecil Stevens )this was obviously a regular thing until I moved away but I still give the place a grilling every time Im home its alot better than the concrete of the Walton reservoirs my local patch for the last 14 years

  2. Oooops. Sorry about the confusion and adding years onto your age. I have amended the blog.

  3. Lovely shot. I bet the visit brought back some good memories.


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