Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Report and photograph Catherine Beazley 

I've just returned to London from a few days in my native St.Austell.

I just saw the posts about the possible Baird’s Sandpiper and suspect
 it might be the same bird I saw at Spit beach that morning.
The bird was with a flock of some 20 Turnstone and a single Ringed
 plover. I was thinking Dunlin but the good people on
 felt Sanderling. This might not be the same bird of course but I
 wanted to get in touch with a pic just in case!

 I popped over to par pool a couple of times and was really taken by
 all the waxcaps on the grass area between the pool and large car park.
I attach a few pics in case these are of interest.

I forgot to mention, if anyone is interested in seeing some tiny
fluted birds nest fungi(Cyathus striatus)- it can be found in

abundance in the woodchip borders outside the ship inn, Par. The egg
like spores have mostly gone but it still looked pretty impresive last
week! :)


Hello Catherine. Thank you for the report and photographs...I am sure they will be of interest to the readers of this site.

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  1. Yes, it's a Sanderling. Lovely fungi though!



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