Friday, 10 February 2012

Little Owl

Report John Rance.

Thought you might like to know I've just spoken to a lady who found an injured and exhausted ( and now sadly deceased) Little Owl on the dunes at Par Beach on Monday! She gave a very good description, and I'm sure she'd identified it correctly- she also mentioned she'd spoken to the people at Screech- so possibly Mark knows a little more about it?
Screech had suggested it was a migrant from further north or east in England driven this way by the cold. I've looked at our records here and the last Little Owl record we have for the whole of Cornwall is from 1986!
I'd be interested to know if Roger recalls any Little Owls ever being seen around the patch?
John Rance-Wildlife Information Service

Thank you for the report John.  A great pity it had a sad ending. 


  1. Sorry John, NO Little Owls anywhere near the 'patch' EVER. (Nearest was in Hampshire !). As you've seen, only one or two pre-1989 records for Cornwall.
    I concur with Screech Sanctuary i.e. only likely explanation if weather movement to the South-West. Excellent (except for Owl). It is surprising what can be picked up from visitors.

  2. Hi All, the last sighting I have for this area was a pair that raised two young at a farm at Tywardreath in June 2008.


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