Sunday, 4 December 2011

Red Admirals

Report, Roger Lane

 Since the weather forecast suggests we may not get a lot of Dec. butterflies (if any), I will send in a report for Tues.2ndDec.2011. Initially, ambient temp. was c.9degsC, but there was 75% sunshine. Drew blanks at two coastal localities (strong N.wind), but slightly inland (Mt.Edgcombe Gdns) I was surprised to find a single Rd.Adm. nectaring on Mahonia. This encouraged me to drive on out to their over-wintering home, at Trenarren, inside the Baywatch area.
              By then it was about 11degsC and 90% sunshine. In their (private) garden I was pleased to see one Rd.Adm. fly up from the dry gravel, it's flight disturbed at least 4 more from the leaves of holly bushes !
At least one pair commenced a full courtship flight in the sunlight (time c.1pm). A total of SIX Red Admirals for 2nd Dec.2011 !

Thank you Roger. Butterflies must be few and far between this time of year.

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