Thursday, 24 November 2011

Ringed Gull Again.

Report and photograph. Andy Cross

Went down to Par beach this afternoon not a great lot around met andrew carey had a chat then i went to St Andrews pond where i had lunch  then looking at the gulls i noticed a ringed black headed gull i took several photos this being the best showing the rings  i have passed on the information but if anybody has any information please pass it on .

Thank you for the report Andy. The ringed Gull (2V27) has been on and off PBP since the early days of November when if memory serves me correctly it was first seen by Derek Julian.    



  1. The darvic ringed BHGull was first seen, and reported to Baywatch, on 8th Sept.2011. by me. (i.e. one of the first autumn arrivals). BUT I don't think I ever saw it in print, due perhaps to a question-mark refering to the last digit only. It may not have been printed due to the question mark being taken as referring to the whole number. This info. was also repeated on a 'comment' during October, I believe.

  2. Yes I remember you emailing me with the details Roger in September. It came from Cleveland Farm, Wiltshire on Jun 9th 2009 and has been seen once before at Par Beach Pool on Dec 12th 2009.

  3. Sorry about that Roger. You are of course correct in stating it was reported to Baywatch on September 8th.


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