Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Scaup-Faced Tufted Duck?

Report. R.Lane. 16th August 2011

Another short visit to Par this afternoon showed that the 'Tufted Duck' (of 15th) was still present. But the female bird may be a Scaup ! At this early season it is more likely to be a 'scaup-faced' Tufted Duck. I should be glad if someone else with better optics should take a look at the facial pattern. Something about the rapidity of diving (scaup-like?) suggests scaup too, yet the apparently pointed head again suggests 'scaup-faced' Tufted Duck! Should have gone to Spec-Savers I guess !
             Meanwhile on the pond the Moorhen is down to 1 chick now. Despite 40+, BHGulls there was NO med.gull today(4pm). The Bay was empty apart from c.30 large gulls, and just 6 x 'B.H.Gulls', except that 1 of the 6, was an ad. MED.GULL, probably the one seen on 14thAug.. It was mid-tide and any sand.terns would probably have come in later with the tide.

I hope someone can supply you with the information Roger.

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