Monday, 13 June 2011

Hi Trevor, on this wet cold day, they were charging to get into Par Beach again!! Now you've got your hat back perhaps you'll find your camera and get out and about again!? I've sent you a couple of panoramas taken this afternoon, just to remind you what the old place looks like, even in grim weather!!

Photographs .A Carey.
You have been out with the new camera I see Andrew.
I like them.
I have been feeling under the weather just lately....another cold caught from Angie.
We did go out with Mark Whittaker the other evening searching for Nightjars. It proved a rewarding evening with a male and female circling us just overhead. A Cuckoo was also sighted giving me two year ticks.
Things will soon be back to normal so send in the reports.


  1. You're right Trevor, I have been playing with the new camera. However, I don't see it replacing the Canon Kit when it comes to ultimate optical quality, but it does pull some neat tricks, like the "sweep panoramas" here, in uncompressed form they are 68 x 15 inches! The HD video is very interesting, but I need to practice shooting it a bit yet! Watch this space.

    Look forward to seeing you on the patch sooner, rather than later. Cheers, Andy.

  2. We have been out this evening Andrew. Report coming up soon.


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