Sunday, 10 April 2011

Red-Throated Diver. (Update)

Report and photographs. Chris Oates.

The RT Diver at St Andrews appears to be injured with damage to it's right leg/rump area.I watched it being harassed by a Canada goose and it only manage to swim in a right handed circle.The bird has always been quite confiding but today came within a metre of me as it tried to preen the affected area.The leg appears to be broken or dislocated but stays in an elevated position much like a Mute swan warming a foot.

2nd e-mail

I’ve been to the pond many times – the bird always appeared normal but now has feather damage and the leg is not working. Can only presume what has happened – the mating Canadas are a bit stroppy or possibly the bird tried to take off and hit a tree. Bird looked (anthropomorphising now) like it was asking for help came within inches of me which Divers don’t normally do. Presume it won’t survive long as it can’t escape or feed.

Thank you for the report, photographs and information Chris.

I saw the diver late afternoon today....most of the time it appeared to be sleeping/resting with its head tucked around the wing. As we were leaving it had taken up its normal stance...but..I feel you could well be right about the birds survival chance.

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  1. I have sent an email to someone who specialises in the rescue/rehabilitation of sea birds. I will let you know if/when I hear from them, but they are not local. I can't find anyone local. It is a shame to do nothing, if something can be done to help, as it appears to be healthy otherwise, but obviously that won't continue if it stays on the pool.


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