Sunday, 3 April 2011


Report.R.Lane 3rd April 2011

Only a trip to the Manoa Sewage Works today, maybe last report of hirundines there. Incidentally to I.D. them it is necessary to drive across cattle grid, turn left and drive uphill some 300metres to the crest of the hill leading to Menagwins farm, and park on the unworked field so that drivers side faces the sewage works. Good binoculars will show the I.D. of the 3 hirundines, and later(May) Swifts too. Today all 3 species were there, as follows:

15+, Sand Martins (in flight), 15+ Swallows(on wires) and at least 1+, HOUSE MARTIN, new for patch 2011?

Thanks for the tip Roger. I will follow it up on my next visit.

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