Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Manoa Valley

Well as Andrew stated in the previous was a nice day to be out. I decided I would have a look at the Manoa Valley hoping to see the Chiffchaff in their little corner. Alas..I never saw one....not even a Goldcrest.
The lack of birds (visible) prompted me to have a look for the Dipper again.
What I have rightly or wrongly concluded is the Dippers have moved some way downstream. The reason I think is ..the old overhanging trees on the riverbank had dropped in part into the river creating a Dam. Now they have all been removed the birds seem to me to have moved to the faster waters a fair way downstream.
I always could find a Dipper or two a hundred yards upstream and downstream of the first fence by the water outlet pipe. My last few visits I have failed to see one in this stretch of water. Now the best place to find them is adjacent to the bridge by the Holiday Park. I saw at least three today but they led me a merry old dance flying a hundred yards or more and often disappearing into the overhanging vegetation. I did manage a few photographs. A pair of Grey Wagtails were also out enjoying the sun but they kept their distance . The only other photograph I took was a Wren by the Sewage Works on my return trip. A great day to be out...but..where were all the birds!!

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