Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Hawaiian Goose

Hawaiian Goose......Branta sandvicensis

We had a message from Andy Carey today to say there was a Hawaiian Goose at Par Beach Pool. We went there at about 4.30pm and saw it on the grass opposite the caravan sales office. The receptionist came out and said they had given it bread and water and phoned the RSPCA, who had said they know of the bird in the area and there is nothing they can do because it has "angel wing" and they will just put it to sleep if they come out to collect it. Not acceptable really and not what we would expect from the RSPCA. We wonder if they are mistaking it for the Canada Goose that has been at the pool throughout the winter, with a dodgy wing and unable to fly out to graze, as the girl said that they quoted it was a "Canadian Goose". This bird is definitely an Hawaiian Goose and seems very healthy and full of life and just needs some santuary. It seemed very lost, but very friendly towards humans, to the point that it runs towards you and then gets frightened, as if it thinks you will feed it and then realises you are not going to. It does have an obvious problem with the one wing and the other side looks a bit dicey too. We are concerned that if it is unable to fly it is vulnerable to predators. We have left a message on the answerphone of the Wingz Bird Sanctuary and we will try to contact them tomorrow to see if they have a bird missing or if not, whether they can have a look at Par Beach Pool for it and see if they can help it at all, as we are travelling to the Midlands tomorrow for a funeral. Had it been left to Angie the bird would have been here with us tonight!


  1. This is a would keep the dog company......get it away back to your house and don't be mean.

  2. Grenville Allen3 March 2011 at 11:17

    Hi All, we have just been down to try and rescue the bird but no sign of it. probably sleeping under a bush!!! If anyone sees it and gives us a ring we will come down asap. Regards. Wingz Bird Sanctuary 07740405251 or 813366

  3. Bird has been picked up by the RSPCA and Wingz Bird Sanctuary is now in discussions with them over re-homing it and putting it in with our flock.

  4. Great news Grenville. Thanks so much for responding so quickly.


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