Sunday, 20 March 2011

Butterfly List

Butterfly List. R. Lane

The Butterfly list for 2011 on your "St.Austell Baywatch" needs some reorganising/correcting. There was NO Comma on 20thJan'11 (it was 'disturbed from hibernation' by workmen and thus does not count.) However there was a very early Painted Lady on 20thJan'11. All the errors are mine, not yours !
Thus in date order the list should read:
8thJanuary 2011, Rd.Admiral, Trenarren (RL); 20thJanuary'11, Painted Lady, Trenarren (RL); 23rdJanuary'11, Peacock, Holmbush (RL) 3rdMar'11; Brimstone, Pontsmill (RL); 3rdMar'11, Comma (RL), Pontsmill (RL); ? Mar'11. Sm.Tortoiseshell, Pontsmill (RL); 16thMar'11. , SM.WHITE, Pontsmill (RL & LS)

Sorry I have temp. mislaid the date of the Sm.Tortoiseshell., have put a questionmark. Hope you can translate! Several more new ones coming up in the next weeks, hopefully !

I will amend the list Roger.

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