Thursday, 3 February 2011

Goosanders Gone.

Report. R.Lane. 3rd February 2011

I'm glad the Bewicks Swan stayed for you to get some 'pics' this morning ! Otherwise it seemed a bit empty during the afternoon when we visited (no goosanders !). All that I could find were: 2 x Gadwall, 4 x Shoveler; 2 x Tufted Duck and 2 x Scaup ! And of course, the Bewicks Swan, which I was pleased to see was feeding, but still staying 'aloof' (mostly).
The sea-state was a little less rough, but not enough to see anything, except Turnstones on the tideline ! Your excellent photos show the bill pattern well and the black 'colour' coming up the centre to the top of the bill, which, I believe is by no means always the case, but I guess it is C.c.bewickii.

Yes I am glad it stayed around long enough for me to see it. Pity the Goosander had left.
I did notice 3 x Mallard hybrids together and they were much larger than the usual Mallards. The strange thing was there were also 4 at St Andrews Pool and like those at Par they kept close together.
It started to rain heavily as I approached the Bay but it did look as if a wader or two might be about. Out came the trusty Poncho which does a fantastic job of covering the camera....without it I would have had to sit it out in the car. Not worth blowing the camera up. Well I rewarded with 12x Turnstones, 1 Ringed Plover and a Redshank. All were photographed but the distance was too great to have anything but a record shot. The Redshank will probably pass muster, just, but the Ringed Plover although it could be identified as such will stay in the archives.

St Andrews Pool and *Cafe*

March Tit x 4
Coal Tit x2
Wren x 1
Song Thrush x 1
Dunnock x 3
Robin x 2
Blue Tit x3
Great Tit x 2
Blackbird x6

All the above were photographed at the Cafe or surrounding trees.

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