Friday, 11 February 2011

Forest Sell-Offs.

Breaking news!
The government have announced they will pause forest sell-offs for a few months. It's a brilliant sign, but our forests are still in danger. If we keep working together, we can save our forests forever - not just for a few months.The government is still going full steam ahead with changing the law to clear the way for a 100% sell-off. It looks like they hope the fuss will die down if they pause a few sales here and there - so they can press on with quietly scrapping legal protection for our public woodlands.Our petition is now 490,000 strong. Let's show the government we will keep campaigning until English forests are safe, by making sure the petition passes half a million signatures today.Please forward this email and ask your friends to sign:


  1. Trevor, they are working on the assumption that our attention span is the same as theirs.. I can see it ending in mass trespass. The protest has got to be much higher profile it needs a Ewan MacColl hopefully with a better song than 'I'm a Rambler'. Billy Bragg maybe. We are dealing with evil here. Are there two petitions? 38degrees and Woodland trust or is it one and the same? I've signed and am a disciple but suspect that unless life is made impossible for them they will push it through. The folk that know better than all and know with evangelical fervour are the most dangerous.

  2. Keep up the good work Trevor, I've put it back up on facebook, the 38degrees is the one to sign, it might even have passed the 500,000 mark by now!! Andy


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