Monday, 28 February 2011


Report A .Carey. 28th February 2011

Thought I'd best send you a report as you've gone more than a little quiet of late!! Nothing much to report from Par Beach Pool for the last few days, just the usual suspects, not even the scaup. St Andrew's has had various numbers of Goosanders present, 5 on Thursday, 11 on Saturday, none that I saw on Sunday, Mark had 1 this afternoon.

Manoa Valley from 4.00pm this afternoon, no dippers, lots of chaffinches, a couple of chiffchaff, half a dozen goldcrests, and 1 firecrest. Mar and I saw the firecrest in bright sunshine, and his orange "crest" was remarkable, like a burning flame, and clearly why the bird is so called, just fantastic. No pictures for me, but Mark took some earlier, so he may send you one.

Thanks for the report Andrew.
Yes it will be the weekend before things get back to some form of normality this end.
I did add a couple of Life Ticks while I was away...Goshawk and the Oriental Turtle Dove at Chipping Norton.


  1. Are you sure you can count wacky turtle doves? How are they different from bar headed geese? Well done with the goshawk, where did you go for that? New Fancy?

  2. Yes I think that was where we saw it...climbed a hill and looked down over the tree tops.
    I believe it can be counted Andrew....the place has had a continual sream of visitors since its arrival.

  3. Trevor, I'm sure it can, the good Mr Evans would not be promoting it to the listing community if it couldn't, I just wonder why the powers that be in these matters take the approaches that they do!!

    Lovely shot Mark....well done mate!!

  4. And I used to live just 10 minutes from New Fancy by Car, before we came down here. Did you spot the adders as you walked up the slope? Any crossbills in?


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