Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Bittern. (Out of Bounds)

Photograph and Snippet. Andy Cross.
Has anybody been to a nice birding site in Lostwithial ? We were taking our grandson out for the day and decided to go up where i heard where there is a bittern when i got to the spot i had a good look aound and there was a bittern walking around like he owned the place As i always carry my camera i took a few shots but its to far away to get a good photo see attached photo When you are driving through Lostwithial take the road to the castle and keep driving on until you see a layby on your left with a bench up on the bank now on the right hand side you will see a gate which is slightly overgrown but will give you cover now you are looking down on a swampy area and you dont have to wait long to see the bittern if you look near the water area because you are looking down and the vegetation is short and sombody with the right camera will get some great photos andy cross.
That would appear to be an easier bird to see and photograph than the Par bird.
Probably be very interesting to the Bittern hunters.


  1. Well spotted. Be interesting to see an estimate of how many Bitterns there are wintering in Cornwall.

  2. Can't find a figure for Cornwall Jowan but have a look here for some regional data on Bittern sightings :




    Scroll down a bit for Bittern.


  3. And Trevor's NOT a bittern hunter???!!! Andy


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