Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Bewick's Swan and Goosanders.

Report.R.Lane. 2nd February 2011

Par turns up trumps ! The usual quick visit to Par in pouring rain this afternoon, looked like being a washout ! Nothing could be seen on the sea, due to waves (and kite-surfers). Back at the ice-free Pool were the usual: 2+, Tufted Ducks; 2 x Scaup; 2 x Gadwall and what should come out from behind the island but a flock of 13 (THIRTEEN) Goosanders, including an imm.male! Excellent views were obtained (through the rain) as they swam around the Pool in a tight flock, even 'running on the water'! It is thought they went to roost at dusk on the far side of the causeway to the island.
Fortunately, while the Goosanders were out of sight behind the island, I glanced at the swans and noted one smaller individual, further out, with a yellow and black bill. It was of course a BEWICKs Swan !
Excellent prolonged views again, and it was still there at dusk. It was an adult, in 'snow-white' plumage.
Both species' sighting's were my first for Par Pond in 27yrs ! No more 'goodies', but while looking up in the mist, a flock of 35+, unidentified Duck flew east and several tried, unsuccessfully, to turn and land !
Main sightings must be the flock of 13 x Goosanders (1imm male) and 1 x ad. Bewicks Swan. I blame the above sightings on the rain and fog !

Well done Roger.
My intended morning visit got derailed . I hope they stay around for a while.

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