Friday, 14 January 2011

Westerly Wind

Report. R.Lane. 14th January 2011

Around the Bay once again. Nothing exciting at Porthpean but 1,000s of gulls sheltering from the stiff westerly wind, together with 30+, resident Fulmars and 10+ diving Gannets (and one probable Kittewake)
The 1,000s of gulls were made up of double figures of GBBGs; LBBGs; and Comm.Gulls; triple figures of BHGulls and Herr.Gulls, more gulls were flying in from the east. Despite checking 100s of BHGulls not one Med Gull could be found !
Drove on to Charlestown where gulls were all flying west toward the shelter of the Porthpean cliffs. Very few diving birds could be seen (due to SUN on the water), with the exception of 2 x GNDivers and 1 x Slav.Grebe.
On to Par Pool where I met Andy and Mark, and heard about today's limited Pool sightings. I went on up to overlook Par Bay where 'everything' was feeding in the shelter of the harbour wall: hundreds of gulls naturally, but also 3 x Brent Geese and 2 x Wigeon. Other birds were waders: Oystercatchers; Turnstones also 2 x Bar-T-Godwits and several Dunlin, presumably from the inner harbour.

That must have tested your gull skills looking through that lot.

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