Friday, 7 January 2011

Singing Chiffchaff

Report. R.Lane. 7th January 2011

Mixed Bag again ! A quick visit to the Sew Wrks yielded only the regular species i.e. L.T.Tits; Goldcrests; Grey Wag (1); Pied Wags (100+) and 2 x Dunnocks, for the year list !! The only species of note were once again Chiffchaffs, some 25+ were seen, mostly from the lay-bye within the Sew.Wks. (not in Chiffchaff Corner as yesterday, since no sun. However, ambient temp. was c.8degsC and some Chiffs were actually singing !
Visited Carlyon Bay cliff car-park later, sea state rough, and saw only the 1 of 2 pairs of Fulmar which breed there, oh, and Greenfinch for the year list!
'Back' to Charlestown but sea-state even worse, and the sole interest was 4 x Oystercatchers for the list ! Not a Diver in sight, (nor the 2 prs of annual nesting fulmars)
'Back' to Porthpean, no better, other than 2 x Rock Pipits for the list (!) and c.20 x Fulmars. The usual 10+, Shags (all with full crests already) and c.4 x Cormorants. However due to the wind and sea-state I missed a diving, sea-duck of an unidentified species, in the surf, as the light was going. It was probably a fem.Scaup but I'm far from certain. I can't rule out fem.Vel.Scoter (or even scoter !). It looked a bit wary and about to fly, but it was still there when I left, with the same poor sea-state and failing light. The likelyhood is fem Scaup, given we have 2 or 4 at Par. Someone go down Sat., it could even be dry later !

Top stuff again Roger.
Where exactly is Chiffchaff Corner?

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  1. Chiff Corner is across the cattle grid, turn left, and it's immediately on the left. By far the best if you can stay in the car (as a hide). If sunny (and windless) Chiffs will move about after 3 to 5 minutes, 'invisible' until then. House owner does NOT own the land.


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