Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Reports Tuesday and Wednesday

Report R.Lane. 5th January 2011

Short visit again this Wed. afternoon. Met Andrew at the Sew.Works. Drove across cattle-grid to look at 'Chiffchaff Corner' during brief afternoon sun and saw at least 20+ Chiffchaffs preening and feeding in the sunlight. Also c.10, L.T.Tits, 1 x Blackcap (fem.) and 1 x Jay. (Afternoon sunlight spot only.). Also, thanks to Andrew, saw Goldcrest(s), Mipits and Grey Wag., back outside grid.
Left Andrew with camera set up and drove down to Porthpean where it was slightly different to 4thJan, but rougher sea-state. However managed to see: 1 x Gannet (cf 4th!); 40+, Fulmars; 2 x Slavonian Grebes; 2 x G.N.Divers; 2 x B.T.Divers and 1 x Red-T.Diver. Also 9 x Comm.Scoter (not seen 4th). Drove on to Charlestown where the following 'oddments' were seen: 2 x G.N.Divers; 1 x B.T.Diver & 1 x Razorbill and another Gannet. (Also a POSSIBLE Red Necked Grebe, too choppy and distant to be sure).

Although I only went out for an hour yesterday, to Porthpean, I notice each of my few birds is different from other reports as follows:
Porthpean, 2.30pm: 30+, Fulmars; 50+, Gannets (plunge-diving on fish shoal); 2 Slavonian Grebes; 2 x G.N.Divers and 9 x B.T.Divers. Also 1 x G.C.Grebe (probably from Par flock).

Seabirds must come in second to Butterflies Roger.
The Divers, Grebes and Fulmars are next on our list. Probably have to wait till the weekend though.

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