Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Shortest Day.

Report R.Lane. 21st December 2010

"It may have been the shortest day, following the coldest night, but there was no shortage of bird-watchers, or birds, at Par today. Only Angie was absent, but someone has to work, to keep the men birding!

Met Andrew and Ollie at St.Andrews Pond, where there was only some 6 Teal and the female Goosander. We moved on to Par Pool where we met Trevor, Mark and John watching a variety of birds on the mostly re-frozen water (virtually ice-free yesterday). Most were there to see John Rance's pintail of yesterday, but no luck today, even when John himself turned up. Wildfowl of note that were present included: 50+, Teal; 2 x Shoveler; 1 x Gadwall; 5 x Tufted D. and 5 x Pochard. There was also a possible sighting of a Scaup in Par Harbour (this morning). Sundries included c.70 Coot, on the water. Many Moorhen seem to have left the water to feed on grassland wherever they can. Snipe were quite abundant. No unusual Geese were present.Mark managed to see 4 x Water Rails around the back of the Pool, and heard 2 or 3 more ! The bittern did not turn up, while I was there.
Moving up to the western car-park with Trevor, we saw 10+, G.C.Grebes (toward Polkerris), 2 x G.N.Divers (far out in the Bay) and 2 x fem. Eider Duck just off the harbour wall (dark females), a patch tick for Trevor I believe. Nearly forgot, someone (Ollie?) went out to Spit (this morning?) and saw most of the regular waders, also several Grey Plover (plus the possible Scaup in the inner harbour.)
  This afternoon I went home before it froze again (3.30pm) and indeed, now at 5pm the outside temp.is below zero AGAIN. Wonder if anything else turned up at the Pool !"

Thank you for the report Roger.

Glad I caught up with the Eider Ducks at long last.

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