Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Patch Collation

Report. R.Lane. 8th December 2010

"Just a collation of what was around today on the patch, mostly from Ian Profit, Andrew Carey, myself and others:
Waterfowl were abundant, with many Teal and the fem. Goosander, still at St.Andrews Pond; while at Par Pool (90% frozen) was a small collection of : 30+, Teal; 10+, Gadwall; 5 x Tufted Duck and 9 x Pochard. Yesterday's male Goldeneye had moved to Par River Estuary together with a female Goldeneye (I.P.). In Par Bay were 4 x Eiders, the females being joined by an immature male(I.P)
Waders included 1 x Dunlin and 2 x Knot landing on the ice of Par Pool temporarily ! Ian had some good sightings west of Spit Beach with at least 3 x Bar.T.Godwits; 17 x KNOT and 1 x PURPLE SAND-PIPER. (Also a Blk.Redstart at Porthpean yesterday). All seen by Ian. 12+, Curlew flew over the Pool to roost on Par Harb. Wall toward dusk (as last evening)
Other species around included 10+, Lapwing at Pontsmill Valley together with Redwings and a few Fieldfares. Also 10+ Lapwing adjacent to the Gribben Road and small flocks flying South, as yesterday. Doubtless I missed a few, I reckon Andrew (A.C.) had the best sighting of the day, but it was "out-of-bounds"!

Thanks for the reports Roger and all the others.

I had a shortish visit to St Andrews Pool at 1015hrs.
I can confirm all that Andrew reported yesterday were still on the Pool.1 x Goosander, 1 x Common Gull, 1x Tufted Duck.
The * Cafe* : 2x Marsh Tits, 3 x Great Tits, 2 x Blue Tits, 1 x Dunnock, I x Robin plus numerous Chaffinch and Blackbirds.

At PBP where I was joined by Andrew ...I saw smaller amounts of most of those reported and also the lone
Dunlin..... We wondered at the time what had happened to the Goldeneye.

I never got to look at the Bay as I ran out of time.

I am not sure what Andrew's best sighting of the day was....but I reckon his worst was when he saw me !


  1. Great report Roger. Nice to see you are getting out a bit more Trev. Keep it up!

  2. Trevor, you certainly weren't the worst sighting of the day, but I shalln't burden you with that!!! My best was the immature swallow that flew over my house at 08.15 this morning, but, as Roger says, just off patch (by yards I imagine!) Andy


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