Monday, 27 December 2010

Manoa Valley Dipper.

Dipper .....Cinclus cinclus
I photographed the Dipper a few days before Christmas. Two flew just over my head and then broke off and flew in opposite directions..upstream and downstream. It was my first view of a Dipper flying above a foot over the water. I feel certain there was at least three Dippers in the small stretch of water I patrolled.
A strange fact I have noticed photographing the Dipper ....10% of my photographs show the Dipper with white eyes. Naturally it is when they are blinking but it does look kinda strange.


  1. Trevor,

    Some animals which dive underwater have a double eyelid called a nictitating membrane. This can be drawn across the eye for protection ( as in cats) while also maintaining visibility underwater ( as in Dippers)- a bit like a pair of goggles!
    I think this may be the 'white eye' you've noticed?
    See :

  2. You are the king of the Dipper photographers Trevor. This is a beautiful picture. All the more so as they never seem to stop still.

  3. Hi John.

    Thanks for that little gem. It certainly has cleared that one up.

  4. Hi Adrian.

    I am still not entirely happy with the photographs and I will continue in my quest for a better shot.


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