Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Manoa and Par.

Report Angela Tonry. 28th December 2010

We had a great day today & it was lovely to see Andy & Roger. It was not so great to see the mass orgy of copulating flies at Manoa when we arrived there at 11.45am where the sun was shining, but I know they are the reason the birds do so well there so I bit the bullet and endured it!
Roger said that as it was so much warmer there had probably been a hatch.
There were swarms of little black flies in the air around the trees and what seemed like millions of them “hooked up” and “loved up” and dropping on everything, including us. I’m still itching for some reason!

My lists for the day: In the garden this morning (Boscoppa):
Moorhen 1, Blackbird 12, Starling 18, Coal Tit 2, Blue Tit 2, Chaffinch 4, Wren 1, Robin 1, Collared Dove 2, Woodpigeon 8, Herring Gull 6, Great Tit 2, Blackcap 2 M&F, Dunnock 2, Redwing 3, House Sparrow 9, Magpie 2, Carrion Crow 3, Bullfinch 1 M, Goldfinch 2, Jay 1, Songthrush 1, Greenfinch 1, Goldcrest 1 (a little up stream).

Manoa Valley (St Austell Sewage Works) where we were joined by Andy Carey: Chiffchaff 1, Grey Wagtail 3, Carrion Crow c30, Robin 2, Pied Wagtail 5 & then a flock was seen c30, Meadow Pipit 2, Blue Tit 3, Chaffinch 5, Dunnock 3, Great Tit 1, Jackdaw 2, Long Tailed Tits 8, Goldcrest 2, Wren 3, Woodpigeon 6, Great Spotted Woodpecker 1, Dipper 1, Blackbird 3, Magpie 2, Jay 1, Redwing c20, Songthrush 1, Buzzard 1 as well as lots of Herring Gulls & Black Headed Gulls.

Par Beach Pool this afternoon (no time to count numbers of everything so here are the highlights!): Bar Headed Goose 5, Shelduck 1 (nice patch tick Trevor!), Barnacle Goose 2 (another nice patch tick Trevor!), Tufted Duck 6, Wigeon 2, Finch Flock c25, Heron 1, Goldcrest 2. Also seen this morning by Andy Carey was Bittern 1 and “a single Redshank did a couple of laps of the pool, but didn’t land”.
Thanks to Andy for the use of his lens again and generous guidance. I’m still trawling through my pics! Angie

Yes it certainly was a good day. Pity the Dipper remained upstream.
The five Bar-headed Goose were definitely a bonus as was the Shelduck and the Barnacle Geese.

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