Monday, 20 December 2010


Report. A.Carey 20th December 2010

"Not surprisingly I went back to the pool to look for the Bittern. I was there from 10 till 11.15am with no sign. I met Mark, who spotted the kingfisher fly in at about 11 o'clock, and it perched on a gorse bush in front of the caravans in bright sunshine, and was still there when I left. There were 3 widgeon and the usual 4 tufties.

I returned at about 2.40, and being an optimist set the camera up. No sign of the bittern! At this point there was a heron in the reedbed to the right, the one from which the bittern emerged last night to do it's final lap, but even that flew off. Then at 4.05 the heron returned to the same reedbed and flushed the bittern, which hopped to the right some 20 yards, and was not seen again by me. With the poor light, I left at 4.25pm."

Thanks for the report Andrew.
Did either of you manage to get a photograph of the Kingfisher?

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