Monday, 20 December 2010


Report and Photograph. Andy Cross

"Please tell me if this a bar tailed godwit or a black tailed godwit there were five on the shore line at par beach i could only get this one due to a dog come running over and they flew off towards spit beach "

Thank you for the report and photograph Andy.
Over to the experts.....cast your vote.


  1. Yup, Barwit; also 2 Sanderling and 2 Dunlin briefly on the frozen mud on the edge of the pool this afternoon. Oh and a pair of Pintail at the back of the pool-new arrivals?

  2. As a 'rule of thumb' 90% of Godwits seen on the beach are the, sand-loving, BAR T.Godwits. The scarcer BLK.T.Godwits are usually seen at Par Pool, when there is soft mud showing, or even larger puddles ! Also it is known that Bar T.Godwits are present at Spit, and roost on the Harb.Wall with the Curlew flock, at this time. But there are always exceptions, most problems arise from the similar mid-winter plumage when NOT seen in flight.

  3. I would agree with bar-tailed although I have seen the odd Black-tailed on the beach. The bill is noticeably upturned which again points to bar tailed and the first impression is that the tibia seem shortish rather than long but it is difficult without the other standing next to it to compare!!


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