Thursday, 9 December 2010

Black Redstart.

Report. R. Lane. 9th December 2010

"A mixed Bag today. Visited Porthpean first and saw only the Black Redstart (that Ian saw 2 days ago). Otherwise the Bay seemed empty, even the Comm.Scoter flock was absent, and there were still no Fulmars, apparently. Just as I was leaving 3 x Comm.Scoter (new?) did fly in from the east. Drove on to Charlestown where I did slightly better with 2+, G.N.Divers and a small flock of 7 x B.T.Divers.
Then on to St.Andrews Pond where only a pair of Tufted Duck, kept the Goosander company, although there were a few Teal at the margins, also the 'regular' Comm.Gull.
On to Par Beach Pool where I met Andrew. The Pool was still 90% frozen with less duck than recently (air temp. 5degsC higher). The teal and gadwall seemed to have moved on, but there were 3 or 4 Tufted Duck and the pair of Goldeneye were back from the Par River and sleeping in the ice free leads.
There were a surprising amount of geese, and apparently the Bar-headed goose had been present earlier, also 2 x Brent Geese. Towards dusk 5,000+ Starlings came in to roost, and c.20 x Curlew flew in in two close flocks."

Thanks for the report Roger.


  1. Great report Roger. I noticed it was warmer today, so I hope the temps continue to rise and the pool will thaw a little. I don't want to see any more BH Gulls or anything else for that matter frozen into the ice on the pool :-(

  2. Hi Roger, that was 2 x Barnacle Geese, NOT Brents. Andy


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