Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Velvet Scoter

Report. R.Lane. 3rd November 2010

" Hate these long dark evenings, but despite (or because of) the weather, the morning and early afternoon turned out quite well. This morning I visited Porthpean, which again was calm and before the rains came I saw:

3 x Gannets; 1 x Razorbill; 3 x G.N.Divers; 8 x Comm.Scoter and 2 x VELVET SCOTER. Also a Harbour Porpoise, feeding inshore and being mobbed by gulls each time it surfaced !
Regarding the Scoter: the small flock had increased to 8 (from 5). Some considerable distance from them I picked up a pair of more stocky Scoter. I thought I knew what they were from their silouette but had to wait ages to be sure when one 'stood up' and flapped it's wings showing the diagnostic white wing patches. This is my earliest date ever for autumn 'Velvets', I believe they were a pair (and typically not associating with the Comm.Scoter.)

Visited Par briefly in the afternoon rain. At the Pool were 30+ Coot and 45+ Moorhens, mostly out feeding on the grass, which must have been mostly migrants, we don't have that many residents ! At the same time a Sp.Hawk was circling overhead.
In Par Bay, amongst the gulls, were 3 x G.C.Grebes (possibly including the Porthpean bird from yesterday, since they do commute, on the wing, along the whole of St.Austell Bay (and strange they look, in flight !)."

Thanks for the report Roger.

Well done with the Velvet Scoter and the others.


  1. Thanks Mark, but I forgot to say I could not find them for the last 20mins I was there. They may have swum into Ropehaven Bay (out of my sight), or flown altogether, but I hope not.


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