Friday, 5 November 2010

Unidentified Warbler.

Report. M.Whittaker. 5th November 2010

"Porthpean 12pm - 2pm Very quiet with only really 3 x Shag, 1 x Great Northern Diver (s.p), 1 x Seal and 3 flying Red Admirals when the sun came out.

Par Beach Pool 2:15 - 4pmAgain pool very quiet. 1 x Grey Heron fishing by the depth marker, 2 x Cormorant right of the Island and behind the caravans 2 noisy Water Rail.I did see a interesting warbler (also by the caravans pool side) which looked very much like a Phylloscopus type warbler. Had a good view of it but I left my camera in the car. Very prominent white eye stripe and certainly not a Firecrest. Looking in my book looks alittle bit like a "albientus" Chiffchaff but I'm no expert on warblers. Eye stripe did appear very bold white. Worth having a noss around for it .. was at the back end of a tit flock. When they moved off it stayed and went back into the reeds slowly. Didn't appear to have a yellow the supercilium and the size was took big for a Yellow Browed."

Thanks for the report Mark.

No fireworks today then. Still could be something rare lurking around the reed beds.

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