Saturday, 13 November 2010

Swallows at Par

Report R.Lane. 13th November 2010

" Another mixed bag today, though did not go out until after the G.Prix practice! First of all I went to Porthpean: the flock of Comm.Scoter had risen (from 11) to 14 including 1 or 2 males. Otherwise there were only 4 x G.N.Divers and 1 x B.T.Diver (off Duporth). To me the most interesting bird was a 'sinensis'-type Cormorant, with white head and nape.(Continental ?). Also holds bill slightly upward and can be mistaken for a diver - until it jump-dives !
Only other stop was at Par Pool where Andrew 'flagged me down' at the Pool, having found a Barnacle Goose amongst the few Canada G. I have not seen one at Par for several years. While watching the Pool, surprisingly, we spotted a SWALLOW against the sky-line, and feeding above the Pool, which eventually 'disappeared'. However, a few minutes after Andrew left (4.15pm) the Swallow returned together with a 2nd Swallow ! They fed much lower now flying close over the car roof together, and enabling me to see that one was a long tailed Adult, while the other was a short tailed 1st-winter, presumably. Still visible at 4.30pm and apparently in good, fast-flying condition"

Thanks for the report Roger.

Well done Andrew with the Barnacle Goose.
I should imagine it is getting late for Swallows.
What is the latest you have seen one at Par ..Roger?


  1. Actually, I think today's (2) WERE my latest for Par Pool(13thNov), but I've had later records from Carlyon (15thNov); Charlestown (20thNov); Pentewan (25thNov) in different years. Thought my latest ever was at Exeter Uni. on 24thDEC (1970s), but have just remembered one at St.Austell Sew.Works (Manoa Valley)between Xmas and New Year after yr.2000!

  2. Roger forgot to mention the 4 long-tailed tits I had seen at 10am Saturday am in the bushes behind the main pool car park. Andy


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