Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Green Heron at Heligan.

Angie came home for a flying visit at lunchtime today and told me that there had been a report of a possible Green Heron at The Lost Gardens of Heligan, which had been found by Bob Mitchell (whose website by “Bob & Lesley Mitchell” can be seen at:, but that it was yet to be confirmed and released and that I should make my way there, so I grabbed my camera and off I went! Apparently, there are 6 accepted records of Green Heron in Britain and 1 in Ireland . The most recent published record for the County of Cornwall was in 1889. A great find and congratulations to Bob Mitchell for finding and identifying it so quickly. I am hoping it will stick around long enough for Angie to see it on Saturday. It is a lovely looking bird.

Thanks to Derek Julian and Colin Selway for putting me on to the bird.
The record shot was taken at 1000 ISO at 1/30 sec ..500mm handheld.
No wonder it was not sharp. I altered the settings but as it happens...I never saw the bird again.

I must say I was impressed with the Horsemoor Hide at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. The feeding stations were very cleverly done using large chunks of wood. Information within the hide was also excellent as were the videos.

If you are thinking of making the trip not go to the Hide but make your way to the Pool adjacent to the The Lost Valley.

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