Saturday, 25 September 2010

Mixed Bag

Report. R.Lane .25th September 2010

"Not much to report, other than a good butterfly day in the west of the site as far as Trenarren, with c.40 butterflies of 8 species. Then came G.Prix practice, and a late dash to Par (4pm-5pm). Met Andrew briefly, but he'd had little luck.

I parked by the Pool awhile and recorded only 4, Herons; 3 (ad) Little Egrets; 1 x Bar Headed Goose; 1 x Hybrid Goose and the juvenile Dabchick we saw recently (striped head).

On to the western car-park and I was fortunate enough to see yesterday's 3 Brent Geese fly in from the direction of Spit, land near the rocks but left again when they found the tide covered their feeding ground. They are getting 'flighty' now and may move on, but the two day's sightings, albeit brief have convinced me they are indeed Pale-bellied Brents (as were the 16 before them). September is also the main month for the pale-bellied form, there being few autumn records outside it (see CBWPS 2004 Report)."

Thanks for the report Roger.
Tomorrow promises to be a good race.

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  1. I'm a birder from Yorkshire and bumped into a lady who told me abou this blog and the Bar-Headed, which I saw Sat 25/9. You can also list Kingfisher, flying across the pond approx 1330hrs.


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