Monday, 6 September 2010

Commic Terns

Report. J.Rance. 6th September 2010

"Quick note to report that a flock of 4 juvenile 'Commic' Terns circled the Pool this afternoon and then headed out to sea- I'd guess they were Common but identifying juvenile Terns gives me (and the best birders I know) the heebies so I'm sticking with 'Commic' for now!

I also found a ringed Black Headed gull, which I've reported to the BTO. White ring on the right leg with black code 72NV7 ( I think...! Perhaps if you encounter it you could try and get a photo for certainty? ), also a metal ring on its left leg. If I get a reply on its origins I'll of course let you know.

Other than that, circa 100 Mallard, circa 200 Canadas, accompanied by the Bar-Headed Goose and the Greylag x Canada hybrid, 7 Moorhen (3 juv) , 2 Coot, 5 House Sparrow, a few Swallows and House Martins passing through, and numerous BH and Herring Gulls."

Thanks for the report John.
I will keep a look out for the ringed gull and try to get a photograph.

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