Friday, 24 September 2010

Brent Geese

Report. R. Lane. 24th September 2010

"Found three 'new' BRENT GEESE on the sea this afternoon, but they were well offshore since it was low tide. Thus they were not assigned to Dark phase or Pale phase. Although Andrew turned up, he did not have 'scope or camera. When the tide is in they will feed on the Par River rocks, so there is a chance for Trevor to photograph them to obtain an I.D.! The only other birds on the beach (other than Starlings) were several Turnstones.

We returned to the Pond, open to the stiff N.wind, but found only 1 x B-H.Goose again amongst the many Canada geese (although the hybrid Canada/Grey-lag was also there). Otherwise the only interest was 2 x adult Little Egrets. Unfortunately NO juvenile Bar Headed geese. Since they were present for only one day, did anyone chance to photograph the family group of FIVE birds, which, Andrew says, were around for at least an hour, or more. If so please send a copy to St.Austell Baywatch,or let one of us know please."

Thanks for the report Roger.
It would indeed be an interesting photograph.

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