Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Brent Geese.

Photographs and report kindly sent in by Andrew Carey

Were you aware that there are now at least 5 bar headed on Par Beach Pool? An adult and four juveniles! And somebody said they'd seen six, but in an hour of watching, I only saw 5 this afternoon.

Thanks for the report Andrew. I will have a look first thing in the morning and hope I have not missed the boat.

Roger informs me that the Brent Geese are the rarer Pale-Bellied variety.

Roger Lane writes.

"The recent sighting of 16 Brent Geese off Par River, by Roger Lane on 16thSept.2010 were wrongly identified by him as the Dark-bellied form, due to lack of optics, their being against the light, and other excuses!
The same flock was then photographed in good light with good optics the next day by Andrew Carey, with the result that they are clearly seen to be of the Pale-bellied form (see posting on Blog).This is notable due to the size of the flock since 16 of the Pale-bellied form are seldom seen together"

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