Thursday, 16 September 2010

Brent Geese.

Report. R.Lane. 16th September 2010

'Am glad to say a flock of Geese on the sea off Par River were 16 x BRENT GEESE. Am not entirely sure whether they were Pale-bellied or Dark-bellied, as today I left my 'scope at home for the first time this year ! (Ready for dreaded MOT tomorrow !). They appeared, from a distance (low tide), to be Dark-bellied. But hopefully someone got closer than I did ! I think they arrived about 4.30pm (since I didn't see them at 4pm). There were also 3+, Waders of medium size !' '

Thanks for the report Roger.

Hope the M.O.T goes well tomorrow.


  1. The Brents were there on Weds PM when I walked the beach & still there on Thursday AM

  2. Thanks Geoff. Hope you are keeping well. Maybe I will bump into you one day.


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